Tadej Pogacar on Milan-San Remo: It can be pretty boring

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Tadej Pogacar on Milan-San Remo: It can be pretty boring

Tadej Pogačar also felt the flu that hit many cyclists, but he seems to have done better than many. Although he is still experiencing symptoms, this will not stop him from competing "You can hear that I’m also not 100 percent with my nose.

When I came home from Tirreno-Adriatico, I could barely go on the bike for three days. But yesterday and today I started to do some work on the bike and I feel ok, so I think for tomorrow it should be fine," said Pogačar, as quoted by cyclingnews "When you ride every day in cold air, going full gas on Carpegna, doing interviews afterwards in a tent at 5°C, you can get sick, it’s obvious.

But it’s just a blocked nose, so I don’t think it’s going to affect the condition of the legs. I’ve raced with the flu before, it doesn’t change much."

Milan San Remo race

He will be in Milan-San Remo again, just like two years ago when the pandemic was in full swing "When I did it the first time, it was after the Covid lockdown and all this.

It was in August, it was quite hot, and it was a different course from the start to the sea,” Pogačar said. "But it was the same final, and a similar style of race. I think I learned a lot from the first time, and tomorrow we will see if I learned something or not."

Pogačar, as always, has the greatest ambitions, but he is aware that it will not be easy It’s in a class of its own, I think. It’s 300k long and it can be pretty boring if you don’t make the race exciting yourself," Pogačar said.

"The final is more or less always the same - Cipressa and Poggio. The Poggio is always all-out, six minutes. You really need to come as fresh as possible, which is hard after so many kilometres."