Bradley Wiggins: "As a teenager I was se*ually harassed by a coach"


Bradley Wiggins: "As a teenager I was se*ually harassed by a coach"
Bradley Wiggins: "As a teenager I was se*ually harassed by a coach"

Bradley Wiggins, 2012 Tour de France and 5 Olympic gold medal winner, talked about how he was se*ually harassed by a coach when he was 13 in an interview with Men 's Health UK. He said: "Yes, I was harassed by a coach when I was younger.

An episode that I never fully accepted and that had a strong impact on me even as an adult. I tried to bury it all. My stepfather was pretty violent with me, he used to call me a fag for wearing Lycra and stuff, so I didn't think I could tell him.

So I closed in on myself. I was such a loner. I was a pretty weird teenager in many ways and I think the bicycle was an answer to all these adversities. My biological father, Gary Wiggins, also a cyclist? He was my hero. I wanted to test myself with him.

He was a good cyclist, he could have been really good, but he was a wasted talent. He was an alcoholic, a manic depressive, quite violent and was on a lot of amphetamines and drugs at the time. I never got any answers when he was murdered in 2008.

He left us when I was little, so I first met him when I was 18. We reconnected and then separated again: we had no more intercourse in the two years prior to his death."

And speaking of se*ualization ...

Millie Bobby Brown was only 12 year-old when she landed the role of Eleven in Stranger Things.

Over the course of The Guilty Feminist podcast, Brown explained that turning 18 allowed her to put several of her comments di lei about her into perspective: "I'm dealing with the same things any 18-year-old has to do, trying to fit in, finding one's place in the world, having relationships.

It's all the same, the only difference is that I do it for everyone to if it's. If * ual comments? I have received more in the last two weeks after I turned 18. I certainly see a difference between the way people behave and the way the press and media react at my coming of age.

That's disgusting. My experience in Hollywood is significant of what's going on in the world and how girls are se*ualized. " Brown also told an anecdote: "I was once criticized for wearing a low-cut dress. Did they have to talk about just that? Why didn't they talk about the incredible talents who were awarded that night or who were with me on the red carpet? "