Geraint Thomas before Tour de France: As excited as ever and you still get nervous

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Geraint Thomas before Tour de France: As excited as ever and you still get nervous

Geraint Thomas doesn't think too much about the Tour de France and his goal is just to be 100% ready
"I am pretty relaxed about it, it is all about getting there in the best shape possible," he sai for bbc. Thomas was the winner of the 2018 Tour, but he seems to be taking the pressure off himself with his statements.

"Whatever happens I am not going to purposely lose time, so hopefully I will be there or thereabouts," he said. "It is the cards that the team have to play with, whether that is to purely help the other guys or to take a chance myself."

His team

Thomas' team (Ineos Grenadiers) is made up of quality drivers who could achieve a good result however Thomas is cautious.

"Danny, going into the race [Tour de France] you would have thought he has the calibre to win, same with Adam, so we have got three guys who can all perform really well," said Thomas. "But we all know what the Tour is like, that first week is just crazy and with the cobbles this year and some windy stages, it is more of a case of get through that first week and see where we stand.

"It is not out of the question but I would be quite surprised if three of us were all in the top 10 after the first week, just because how dangerous it is with all the crashes. "Plus that first week is not necessarily suited to Adam or Danny really, but then you have got all the mountains to come after that." Tour de France is what you dream of as a boy and you want to show up there.

"The first time it was all new and I was just going there to experience it, now I am going there to hopefully animate the race and be part of the racing in the real crunch points," he said. "It is the biggest bike race in the world, what every kid dreams of and what every pro dreams of really. "I am as excited as ever and you still get nervous."