Dan Lloyd: Primoz Roglic's statement is shocking

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Dan Lloyd: Primoz Roglic's statement is shocking

Primoz Roglic publicly blamed Fred Wright after his crash in La Vuelta. The Slovenian was clear in his criticism. "My conclusion is that the way this crash happened is unacceptable," said Roglic for eurosport.com "Not everyone saw it correctly.

The crash was not caused by a bad road or a lack of safety but by a rider's behaviour.
"I don't have eyes on my back. Otherwise, I would have run wide. Wright came from behind and rode the handlebars out of my hands before I knew it."
In the episode The Breakaway, Orla Chennaoui, Adam Blythe, and Lloyd gave their opinion regarding the incident and criticism of Roglic.

Lloyd is not satisfied with Slovenian's statement and considers it bizarre. “[It is] one of the most bizarre statements I think I've ever read from a cycling team,” said Lloyd.
“I think it's even more shocking because Primoz is a very sensible character and is very switched on."

Lloyd on Primoz Roglic's statement

Lloyd believes that not only Roglic had an influence on this statement, but that the managing director of Jumbo Visma also had a hand in the whole matter.

Lloyd considers this kind of reaction impulsive, given that the Slovenian had time to think about what he was going to say. “The team are fairly sensible, Richard Plugge [managing director of Jumbo Visma] has a background in journalism - he's an incredibly intelligent bloke that's done wonders for that team and they've had days to think about this.
“It's very different if a journalist was in the face of Roglic afterwards and in the heat of the moment, he said, 'that was wrong, it shouldn't happen, I should still be in this race, but now I've crashed, look at me', but they've had lots of time to think about this”.
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