New shocks pics: Mathieu Van der Poel chases two minors in underwear

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New shocks pics: Mathieu Van der Poel chases two minors in underwear

Incredible and grotesque what is happening around Mathieu Van der Poel, after his arrest and release in Australia on the eve of the cyclism World Championships. Now, according to new reconstructions, the cyclist would have chased for the hotel where he was staying, two underage girls who would have disturbed him, while the cyclist was only in his underwear.

But what had happened? As we have told you in recent days, Van del Poel has returned home after the judge's sentence who sentenced him to a fine of just over 1,000 for pushing two minors, who made noises in the corridors and enjoyed knocking repeatedly at his door.

The judge also banned the cyclist from entering Australia for three years. However, the new images that emerged would still put the Dutch in trouble. In fact, in the images you can see a girl knocking on the athlete's door: Van del Poel comes out of the room in his underwear in a rage.

Mathieu Van der Poel shock, chases two minors in his underwear

The girls then start running to head to the room where they were staying with their parents, and the cyclist was trying to chase them. According to the witnesses of the scene, he would open the door of the girls' room, where their parents are, and scream to complain about the behavior.

The parents, in turn, violently protest the invasion of their privacy and call the police. The Dutch team said: "We have taken note of the events that have taken place in Wollongong in the last 48 hours. It goes without saying that it is an event in which everyone loses here, and we can only regret it.

First of all, our goal was to provide legal assistance on site and to help Mathieu van der Poel get home quickly. Now that this has happened, we want to have a clear picture of the events, through the analysis of the complete file and a comparison with Mathieu van der Poel and the people involved in Team Holland. Based on that, we will determine what further steps to take. "