Mark Cavendish: I still believe I can write chapters on Tour de France

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Mark Cavendish: I still believe I can write chapters on Tour de France

Mark Cavendish hopes to compete in next year's Tour de France. It's a competition every cyclist dreams of, so it's no wonder why Cavendish still has hope. “I love it, it's the Tour de France, it's given me my life,” he told Eurosport.
“I still believe I can write chapters there and that's why it's always magical to experience it.

Nothing is certain, like for every single rider, but everybody dreams of riding the Tour de France”. Next year will be special because of the novelties that will appear. “To see the route unveiling, not just the Tour de France but for the Tour de France femmes, is pretty special.

You know it's going to be great entertainment for the fans next year, and be inspiring for people.
“There are a lot of opportunities for the sprinters, but we have to get there first. But there are some nice sprints.
“What's beautiful about the sprints next year is long finish straits, and old school Tour de France sprints.

There is more than a kilometre straight road on a lot of the finishes.
“So, you will be able to see the flamme rouge if you look down at the finish line. There will be some big boulevard Tour de France finishes that I used to watch as a kid”.


He did not want to talk more about his future. “We're here to talk about the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes,” he added.
“The race is bigger than any individual, bigger than me and bigger than anything else.

That's the most important thing to talk about today”. Tour de France has always brought us excitement and only the best, so we hope it will be the same this time. There are many great cyclists in the game who will show their quality.