Sonny Colbrelli Retires: Statement

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Sonny Colbrelli Retires: Statement

Sonny Colbrelli saddened the fans and decided to retire. Sonny made the decision after the collapse he experienced in Volta a Catalunya.. “A year ago in this period, I spent my days celebrating the most important victory of my career, Paris-Roubaix," he said as quoted by

"I never thought I would find myself a year later to face one of the most challenging moments that life has put me in front of. Colbrelli showed courage. “But it’s my life that I want to be grateful for, a life I risked losing and which gave me a second chance.

That of being here today, to remember that I came out of the Hell of the North as a winner, and I did it in a legendary way, which will remain in history and that I will be able to continue to tell my children. It is to them, my family and all the people closest to me, that I owe this new life of mine.
“From them, I am drawing the strength to accept this moment of my sporting career that sees me here today to give up being able to add to my Palmares a victory in a Grand Tour or Flanders, a lifelong dream”.

Sonny Colbrelli and Catalunya

Sonny was an optimist and believed even in the worst of times. “After what happened at Catalunya, the hope of being able to continue being a professional rider has never abandoned me, albeit minimal,” he added.

He knew how difficult it would be to return. “I knew that the way back would be difficult with a defibrillator. In Italy, it is not allowed by law. With the support of the team’s medical staff, directed by Dr Zaccaria, I did not give up anyway.

I resumed cycling under strict medical supervision and underwent several visits and consultations with specialists in the sector. Among these, the director of the University Clinic of Padua, Prof. Corrado, who followed the implantation of the defibrillator.