Chris Froome surprised everyone: I am not thinking about that

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Chris Froome surprised everyone: I am not thinking about that

Chris Froome hopes for his recovery and that he could return in 2023. It is still not known when he could return. “I've had better and worse times,” he told Marca.
“It was hard for me to start the season. Then I looked good on the Tour, but then I got Covid.

It affected me a lot and it was difficult for me to recover. I have had hard moments, but also positive ones.
After the accident, I feel like I'm taking steps. I don't know where I can go, but I'm still encouraged to improve”.

Tour de France is not his goal. He is aware that it is a difficult task for him at the moment. “If we talk about winning the Tour de France again, I am not thinking about that.
The dream is still there, but it’s difficult.

I am only focusing on following the process."

Eric Froome and his career

Froome had no chance to prove his qualities. “I am a person who likes challenges and the process. I am on that road and I am working toward it.

I suffered a terrible crash that almost forced me out of cycling and I have managed to come back. Now things are different.
This year I was motivated by some of my performances, but for different reasons, I didn’t have the opportunity to truly show where I am at”.

Israel-PremierTech is Froome's current team, and his ambitions remain the same. He is optimistic about the next challenges that follow in his career. “This year was the first year since the accident that I haven’t had any problems,” he said.
“I want to have simple challenges, like having a long period without any problems or targeting a stage win.
This season is going to be the year of truth. To really know where I am”.