Vuelta a Espana director: We have the desire to see Pogacar take part

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Vuelta a Espana director: We have the desire to see Pogacar take part

Vuelta a Espana director, Javier Guillen, is optimistic for 2023. Guillen hopes to have the opportunity to watch Tadej Pogacar at the Grand Tour. "We have all the desire in the world to see Pogacar take part."- he said, as quoted by Evenepoel will return and defend his title, but he is especially pleased with the participation of cyclists from Spain who will have the opportunity to prove themselves.

"Evenepoel will go to the Giro and not to the Tour, the good thing would be that he came to defend the title,” he said.
“We want to have the best, and it makes us especially excited that young Spaniards run, like Juan Ayuso and Carlos Rodríguez, that is a great goal”.

Javier Guillen on Vuelta

Guillen believes that the Vuelta e Espana 2023 will be something special, and that the fans will be delighted after everything. It seems that some innovations will also appear. It will add extra charm to everything.

There are many quality cyclists who will be in the race until the very end. "It will be the most spectacular Vuelta along the route, then it will be interpreted by the riders, who are the protagonists,” Guillen said.

“The 2023 Vuelta will be very popular with the public.
The mountains will decide the Vuelta, without a doubt, but in the last week anything can happen, there will be an individual time trial, stages with climbs, another classic model”.

The World Cup could spoil things for Guillen and the rest of the team, given that it will be held before the Grand Tour Finals "I don't know if this fact will affect the Vuelta because there are no precedents," Guillen added.
“We have delayed the start of the race by a week so that there are more recovery days compared to the Tour”. An interesting situation awaits us and an exciting tournament, that's for sure.