Remco Evenepoe on 'dealing' with the stress

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Remco Evenepoe on 'dealing' with the stress
Remco Evenepoe on 'dealing' with the stress (Provided by Financial World)

Remco Evenepoel does not want to change his approach regarding 2023. This great cyclist is preparing for what awaits him, and there are great expectations from him at this moment. Remco is aware of the pressure but doesn't want to give in too much to the pressure.

His goal is to be as good as possible, to give his best, and his qualities will surface. Many are impatiently waiting to see Remco on the tracks again. "It's a lot of training, a lot of altitude camps, but we saw last year that it works for me, so there's no need to change anything or try any different approaches," Evenepoel said, as quoted by Cycling News.

He knows how to deal with stress, but he also knows how to win. That will be his main guide. "For me, it works well to have a period that's pretty calm, then blocks of racing which are more stressful.
When I go to races, I go with the pressure to win or perform.

Combining that with the camps, where there's no pressure, just a job to be done, that's what helps me deal with the stress. It helps me throw myself at my objectives."


Liege-Bastogne-Liege crown will be his goal again.

Evenepoel wants to do what he did last time. He won't have an easy task, but he certainly knows how to win. "For the head and the morale, I hope to do a good result in Liege,” the 22-year-old said. “With the rainbow jersey and the No.

1, it'll be special, maybe the most special day of the year." Remco Evenepoel, despite being young, showed that he is one of the greatest potentials. It's unbelievable how much pressure there is on him. This is not surprising considering the enormous talent he possesses.