Dame Laura Kenny is expecting her second child: I am very anxious

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Dame Laura Kenny is expecting her second child: I am very anxious

Dame Laura Kenny experienced many difficult moments in her life. Suffering a miscarriage the year before last and an ectopic pregnancy last year are some of the hardest things in her life. Kenny confirmed that she and her husband are expecting their second child.

Kenny is feeling anxious and her emotions are mixed. "Today I felt like I couldn't hide away any more. I'm already starting to show and the anxiety I have felt has been unreal.
Telling the world means I have to accept we are having another baby and this fills me with all kinds of emotions.

I’m scared every single day that I might have to go through the pain of loosing another baby.
It makes you feel ungrateful for something you’ve so desperately wanted for the last year.
But I also know there are going to be so many people, like I was, seeing my post and wishing I would go away with my happy ending.

But I also know when I was lying in the hospital bed I was searching for people’s happy endings because it was the only thing giving me any comfort at the time. That maybe, just maybe I would get my happy ending”.

- she said, as quoted by eurosport.com

Laura Kenny and her pregnancy

Kenny remembered the moment from a year ago when her world came crashing down. "A year ago today I was sat in A&E knowing I was really poorly but not knowing what was wrong with me.
When I got the news I was having an ectopic pregnancy my world felt like it crumbled.

We had already lost our second baby in November and I remember lying there searching for some sort of answers”, she said.
I still feel this heartbreak today and I don't think it will ever go away."