Mark Cavendish: My kids get inspired by other sports people


Mark Cavendish: My kids get inspired by other sports people

Mark Cavendish is one of the best cyclists and a man who has achieved many successes. However, he always remained modest despite everything. In an exclusive interview with Eurosport, Cavendish talked about comparisons between him and LeBron, Roger Federer, and Usain Bolt.

Cavendish answered the question; Does he think that he is in cycling what they are in their sports? "Not really. think the greatest joy I get is ... I cannot deny that people say 'I got into cycling because of you' That is the proudest thing I get from my career, you know.
My kids get inspired by other sports people.

They get inspired by cyclists, they watch the World Cup and my boy has got a (Lionel) Messi kit now.
That is what sport is about and people dream to be like them. Do you remember when we were out riding when we were young and you'll be someone and I'll be someone? When you are racing like that, that is what you want, isn't it?
I see my own kids doing it and you actually realise what it is about."
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Mark Cavendish

Cavendish also answered the question; Are his children pretending to be him? For him, the most important thing is a love for sports, and developing a sense of discipline in them.

"Ah, yes - and it makes me really proud. It is special; it really is, you know. But it is even more special that I am still just 'dad' That means more than anything, doesn't it? You are just 'dad', whatever you do.
Seeing them and how they look up to other sports people and cyclists, like Casper is obsessed with Wout van Aert.

He loves Julian Alaphilippe. He loves Tadej Pogacar. He knows about them and he spots them in the peloton.
You know that other kids are doing that, and not just other kids - adults are doing that, and you realise what it is that you do.
It is irrelevant how you have done it, whether you win races or pull wheelies, it doesn't matter. I prefer the winning races!"