Julian Alaphilippe: The one I dream of winning of course is Flanders

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Julian Alaphilippe: The one I dream of winning of course is Flanders

During an interview with Eurosport, Julian Alaphilippe discussed his ambitions in the sport. Alaphilippe has confirmed that winning the Tour of Flanders is one of his dreams, and he is extremely eager to achieve this goal.

“The Tour of Flanders is just behind Strade Bianche in my favourite races,” Alaphilippe said for Eurosport France.
“The one I dream of winning of course is Flanders first because I have already won the Strade Bianche.

These are races where there is an atmosphere.
Especially the Ronde in Belgium... That's why I ride a bike, it's to win these kinds of races that transcend the sport by their difficulty, their history, the crowd. You feel that if you win that, it's something else.

If I win Flanders, I'll be happy!”

Julian Alaphilippe and his weight

Alaphilippe has revealed that he has no intention of gaining weight for the cobblestones. His preparations during the break were excellent. He worked on himself during the break, and he believes that this is enough for him to achieve his goals.

Our attention will be focused on how Alaphilippe will handle the situation and whether or not he is able to make his dream a reality. "I don't want to gain weight to be better on the cobblestones,” he said.
“I remain with my qualities.

I made efforts to try to recover a little bit [my weight] this winter but it was due to last season with the crashes and everything, I had lost a lot of muscle and power.
I worked on that this winter, I feel better. It's something that made me feel good but it was not weight gain planned to be better on the cobblestones.
I bet on my punch, when I'm really 100%, I'm really versatile. It is not by gaining five kilos that I will become a real sprinter. I also have a lot to lose”.