Greg van Avermaet decided to retire!


Greg van Avermaet decided to retire!
Greg van Avermaet decided to retire!

Greg van Avermaet is a cyclist who achieved many successes in his career and left a big mark on the cycling scene. This great cyclist has decided to say goodbye to cycling, and has made the decision to end his career. Van Avermaet announced the news of his retirement via a post on his Instagram profile.

It was not an easy decision to make, but he did what he felt was best for him in the end. “Sadly, this adventure will come to an end”. Van Avermaet wrote on Instagram. “As hard as the decision was, when I look back I am extremely proud of my achievements.

I gave every day the best of myself, just to not have any regrets afterwards. I did not only enjoy the victory but also the way to it."

Greg van Avermaet thanked everyone

Greg van Avermaet did not forget to thank all those who supported him throughout his career.

Without them, he would hardly have achieved so many successes. His focus is to dedicate himself to his family and rest in retirement. Until the very end of the season, he will do his best to help his team achieve success. “I wanna thank all the people that believed in me and helped me throughout my career.

I’m extremely thankful to all my fans who supported me, not only during my glory days, but also during the difficult times.
Now it’s time to spend some time with my wife and kids and to look for other goals in life in which I will hopefully find the same passion.

Until the end of the season, I will still give my all with my team AG2R-Citroen, that I thank for its trust and team spirit for the last three years, just like I did from the first day I decided to start cycling. Hopefully, I can finish off with some nice results!"