Sepp Kuss: "It's about getting out of your comfort zone"

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Sepp Kuss: "It's about getting out of your comfort zone"

Sepp Kuss is a great cyclist who has shown how much he can in the race in Andorra as part of the Tour de France. Yet he was not pleased with how he felt in the month of July "I didn't feel close to being my best.

So this year I'm doing things a bit different." - Kuss said, as quoted by cyclingnews "Last year I didn't feel good going into the Tour. It had been just training camps and races and training camps and sometimes you do too much."

He supported the role of Roglic and Jonas "If we go there with Primoz and Jonas we already have two guys more than capable of winning the race," Kuss points out. "So unless it's like last year where things totally get changed, I'll probably have more of a team role."

Things with the Tour de France are much clearer, unlike the Vuelta e Espana "We'll see what happens and who goes to the race after the Tour. I hope to be there," says Kuss, "For me, it's a good combination to do the Tour and Vuelta.

Normally I always feel better in the Vuelta than in the Tour so we'll see what the roster looks like. There's also a team time trial in the Vuelta, which changes things as well."

Sepp Kuss pressure

There is no pressure for Kuss, and he did not expect Jonas to make such rapid progress "No.

It's up to me to be at my best and it's fine for me if other riders are getting better. It's just nice to be part of that either way. "For me, it's a bit different. With Jonas, we always saw from the beginning that he was really talented.

It was just a question of him putting it together to do that [succeed]. And he did it a bit sooner than maybe we all thought." Apparently, Kuss is not focused on sharing advice with others, but primarily wants to improve himself "I don't know so much about that, because I haven't really given out too much advice to anybody, I just kind of keep to myself, do my own thing.

I always work the best I can and then the results are due to that," Kuss says. And he said his career "Is a good example for the US guys coming over because more often than not, you have to come to Europe, be comfortable in Europe, ride for a non-American team.

It's about getting out of your comfort zone into what is, now, my comfort zone. So that's the biggest step." We'll see how Sepp Kuss copes this season