Marlen Reusser: "It’s not so nice if, you know, you’re the only leader"

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Marlen Reusser: "It’s not so nice if, you know, you’re the only leader"

Marlen Reusser seems ready for the new season, but this time she will compete for the SD Worx team. She had many offers, but Reusser obviously doesn't want a leadership role “I had many offers from teams,” she said.

“And some teams, for sure I would have been the clear leader, but I chose this team because I want to learn something and I want to play different roles. I’m not 100 per cent leader, sometimes I will help the team and try something for the team”.

. Reusser said, as quoted by cyclingnews There is much stronger competition in this team, and much less pressure will be felt “It’s not so nice if, you know, you’re the only leader and everybody is looking at you and you have to perform each time,” she said, referencing the situation in which she often found herself at Alé BTC Ljubljana.

“I think it’s more fun and interesting like this [at SD Worx]”.

Marlen Reusser confidence

Marlen seems to have a lot of confidence, but Reusser still believes she has a lot to learn. “Every race I do, I learn things,” the Swiss rider said.

“You can see my slope of improvement in the last three years I’ve been doing this. So many things are still happening, I can’t say ‘I’m going to win this’ or ‘I’m going to do that’ for sure.

I know I’m very strong and I can do nice things, but first of all I want to learn and try and play the game”.
Marlen is happy for everything she went through, because it strengthened her, and now she is ready for much greater success.

“I’ve learned so many things, but most of all about me,” she said. “It’s a stressful life, with a lot of pressure that you put on yourself or people put on you. So you learn to regulate yourself and to understand what stresses you, what is not stressing you. You learn to read yourself”.