Lance Armstrong: "It's impossible to win Tour de France without doping"

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Lance Armstrong: "It's impossible to win Tour de France without doping"

US cyclist Lance Armstrong, who is one of the most famous cyclists, decided to talk to Le Monde about his career and his doping incident which caused him to lose all Tour de France titles. Back then at the time, such news was a real shock to everyone.

Le Monde reporters wondered if it was possible to win the race without doping "That depends on the races that you wanted to win," Armstrong said in an interview with Le Monde on Friday. "The Tour de France? No.

Impossible to win without doping because the Tour is an endurance event where oxygen is decisive," he was quoted as saying by the French daily. "To take one example, EPO (erythropoetin) will not help a sprinter to win a 100m but it will be decisive for a 10,000m runner.

It's obvious."
He seems to be aware of his guilt, but things cannot change. However, today's cyclists are under a lot of pressure and a lot of testing after that. Armstrong’s incident shocked the world at the time, and most totally changed the picture of athletes after that.

However, things are not as they seem to people "I simply took part in this system. I'm a human being,'' he said "We've got to stop thinking that all cycle racers are thugs and druggies," he told BFM TV.

Lance Armstrong about pressure on athletes

He believes that there is too much pressure on athletes, especially cyclists, related to doping, but he suggested what could be done "It depresses me to hear all this. I think that when people do exactly what they have to do, in other words, proper testing in all sports, we're going to be rolling around laughing for five minutes.

"Stop saying it's cultural, for God's sake. It's impossible. There are plenty of young riders who've had dope tests and not tested positive. "It's constant suspicion," he told the channel from Corsica,