Chris Froome on time trial bikes and driver safety

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Chris Froome on time trial bikes and driver safety

Chris Froome, a famous cyclist and someone who marked an era of cycling, is worried about the time trial bikes, and mostly because of how much it will affect the safety of the driver on the professional road "I love time trialling - it's an art, it's a skill, it's really nuanced, something you really need to know a lot about as a pro cyclist.

One of the magical things about Grand Tour racing is the balance of pure climbers versus the guys who can time trial as well," Froome said, as quoted by cyclingnews "But being out on my TT bike this morning, and in light of recent events, TT bikes are not really meant to be ridden on the roads the way we need to ride them to be ready for time trials."

"If there's an hour-long TT in the Tour de France, you have to get out there on your TT bike and you have to simulate that. Now how many roads do you know where you can literally ride for an hour in closed-road conditions, with no traffic, no stop signs, no traffic lights? Those kind of conditions just don't exist in the real world.

"When you're on the skis, you've got no brakes there, so you have to sit up, and it's not really that safe." "It's one thing when racing on closed roads and even then you can have horrendous accidents, but it's completely another thing when you're out on open roads, with traffic and people crossing the roads."

Road Bikes

His greatest wish is to have trials done on road bikes, and he believes that this would have the greatest impact on driver safety. "Would it not be more uniform to have time trials done on road bikes?" "Without doubt, I think it would make it more of level playing field and more about the skill of individual riders, and not necessarily so much about the R&D, the aerodynamics, time in the wind tunnel, and the funding that goes into a project like being ready for a TT.

"Personally, I find it quite ironic that the UCI have introduced things to make the sport safer, like limiting the positions we can use on the bike, but in my opinion something like this, which would be pretty easy to implement, would have a far greater impact on the safety of professional cyclists."