Canada finally presses United States on Steel & Aluminum tariff

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Canada finally presses United States on Steel & Aluminum tariff

On Saturday, the 16th of February, the Canadian Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland said that, in Munich, she made the importance of lifting Washington tariff on Canadian Steel, alongside aluminium very clear during a meeting with the Speaker of the US House of Representative, Nancy Pelosi.

Apart from that, Freeland also said that Canada would also be pressing the United States over the processing of international reform of the treaty between the United States, Mexico and Canada. Citing legislation of T-MEC, section 232, she stated that the Washington tariffs on steel and aluminium had been completely illegitimate.

Although Freeland had been pressing United States in according to T-MEC treaty, Trump frequently threatened both Mexico and Canada to dissolve the agreement. Meanwhile, further pushing the United States on such matters could only allocate a negative impact, since United States’ nationalized financial policy appeared to be solid and Canada ought to remember, who is dependent on whom while pressing such matters, multiple analysts suggested following the comment of Canadian Foreign Minister, Freeland.

Despite growing bitterness among the three neighboring nations, still widely considered as a NAFTA financial triangle, in a conference call with the journalists, Freeland said, “Canada's position is that now that we have concluded (the T-MEC) there are more reasons to raise tariffs. ”