EU-offered long Brexit delay “not possible”: UK Trade Minister Fox

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EU-offered long Brexit delay “not possible”: UK Trade Minister Fox

On Sunday, the 3rd of March, 2019, the British Trade Minister, Liam Fox, said that the possibility of so-called EU-offered long Brexit delay might not take place ahead of an upcoming European Union election, scheduled to be held on May, 2019.

Despite EU Commission Chair Jean-Claude Junker’s repeated comment over an extension of Brexit deadline for safeguarding the interests of both Britain and Eurozone, the UK trade minister had said on Sunday (March 3rd), that it was still possible to leave the bloc before March 29th Brexit deadline.

Apart from that, Fox also added that an extension of the Article 50, alongside negotiations over a second Brexit referendum might become necessary for conceiving a smooth exit from the bloc, while the UK PM Theresa May had said that any extension should not be beyond the end of second quarter of 2019.

In an interview with the BBC TV, while being asked how he would respond, if the European Union Commission insisted on a delay beyond the second quarter of 2018 or a delay of 21 months or more, Fox said, “I would be shocked because I think it is actually not a possible outcome. The European Union does not want Britain to fight the European elections. ”