Trump’s offshore drilling proposal to include Atlantic East Coast

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Trump’s offshore drilling proposal to include Atlantic East Coast

On Saturday, the 16th of March 2019, at a latest energy industry conference, a US Interior Department official had said that the Trump Administration would more likely to open up particular portions of the Atlantic for drilling critical energy supplies such as oil and gas, as an attempt to enhance US dominance over global energy market despite disputes from the East Coast States.

The comments came forth, as the Trump Administration had been preparing to announce a fresh five-year long drilling plan for Federal waters, which had been a key mandate on Trump’s election agenda. An Interior Assistant Secretary for the land and mineral management, Joe Balash had been quoted saying in his speech that the department had been seeking permits for seismic testing off the East Coast, a recording of which had been heard by a Reuters’ reporter.

At the International Association of Geophysical contractors Annual Conference in Houston, addressing to Trump Administration’s intransigent attempt to secure a seismic testing permit on East Coast, Balash said, “I will tell you that we wouldn’t work really, really hard to get seismic permits out if it was an area that wasn’t going to be available”.

Concomitantly, the comments on fresh drilling over the Atlantic East Coast had been brought into the light, after International Energy Agency had told earlier this week that the United States would be dominating world’s crude oil sector over next five years.