Canada budget offers stimulus, yet may not be enough to re-elect Trudeau

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Canada budget offers stimulus, yet may not be enough to re-elect Trudeau

On Tuesday, the 19th of March 2019, the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau’s government had introduced new financial stimulus, mostly aimed for the middle-class voters, yet the spread of the budgets might have been too narrow to move the political puffs against the wind ahead of the closing-in October vote.

According to multiple analysts, the budget had been incorporated with fiscal stimulus to avert an imminent political crisis derived from a scandal involving a major engineering and construction company, and the government’s budget was aimed at amplifying consumer spending at such a critical time, when the nation’s economy is slowing despite a higher oil price.

Canadian PM Trudeau had been on the backfoot since February 7th, after top government officials had accused his former justice minister of aiding SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. over evading a corruption trial. Over the opinion polls, this recent political scandal had dragged down ruling Liberal Party’s image, while the Liberals, led by PM Trudeau seemed to be backlashing the narrative with a lofty budget that could help everyone including millennials to retires, while analysts had been quoted asking at a post-budget conference call whether the budget could help the economy itself.

Adding that the budget would less likely to put Trudeau’s Liberals ahead, a Nanos Researcher Pollster, Nik Nanos, said, “At best, they can hope to stop the political bleeding”.