Labor’s Corbyn says May did not push enough on Brexit

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Labor’s Corbyn says May did not push enough on Brexit

On Wednesday, the 3rd of April 2019, following a meeting between UK PM Theresa May and Opposition Labor party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, the labor leader said that his PM had not reached far enough over the first leg of crisis talks between conservatives and labors, edified at breaking the shackles of domestic gridlock on UK’s exit from EU bloc.

According to the accords reached prior to this Brexit dilemma over the House of Commons, the United Kingdom had been supposed to leave the bloc by last Friday (March 29th), yet four consecutive Brexit votes in a row on different perspectives had been turned down earlier this week, leaving a no-deal Brexit danger out of its shell.

So far, followed by the first round of talk between PM May and Labor’s Corbyn, it remains still unclear how or when, Britain would be leaving the bloc and on what conditions. After PM May’s amended Brexit had been voted down three times by the UK lawmakers, conservative Theresa May had invited Corbyn, a long-time veteran for opposition labor party, to talks in parliament to seek a way out of this cataclysmic crisis.

After the meeting with UK PM Theresa May, Corbyn, 69, said, “There hasn’t been as much change as I expected. The meeting was useful but inconclusive”. While being asked about a post-Brexit customs union with the European Union, Corbyn replied, “We did have a discussion about all of that”.