PM May seeks compromise, as clocks ticking down for a Brexit agreement

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PM May seeks compromise, as clocks ticking down for a Brexit agreement

On Sunday, the 7th of April 2019, the British government led by the conservatives has been holding on to the possibility of a compromise with the opposition Labor Party in order to win their supports to leave EU with a deal, despite Labor Party’s Corbyn’s disappointing comment over a surprise meeting between him and PM May, as time had been ticking down for a divided British Parliament to reach a solution either to leave the bloc with a deal before April 12th, or to seek out a further extension.

UK PM Theresa May, much-weaker than ever following her third consecutive defeat on UK House of Commons over an amended Brexit, had been exploring an option of further compromise, while a majority of UK lawmakers including PM May’s conservatives had started to believe that a Brexit will not be happening in a near-term outlook.

In order to pass the Brexit bill through the UK House of Commons, last week, PM May had offered a resignation if her Brexit bill got passed, and despite the offer, the lawmakers declined to take charge of Brexit amid a tumultuous condition on British soil and would likely to push May again into Brussels to re-negotiate terms of an extension of the Brexit deadline.

Nevertheless, Brexit had been the biggest shift of Britain’s foreign and trade policy since World War II and it had still been tangled just a few days before another Brexit deadline (April 12th), while the British policymakers must have to come out with a convincible plan for securing another delay from EU commission at a summit scheduled to be held on next Wednesday, April 10th.