US planes, tractors on EU tariff list on transatlantic trade dispute

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US planes, tractors on EU tariff list on transatlantic trade dispute

On Wednesday, the 17th of April 2019, the European Union said that their list of US imports worth of $20 billion would be including planes, tractors, handbags and foods, which it would likely to hit with an additional tariff to answer US President Donald Trump’s threat of inclining tariff on $11 billion worth of EU goods amid an ongoing drama over US tariffs on EU-made autos to force EU carmakers build subsidies on US soil.

In the face of a long-overdue transatlantic aircraft subsidy dispute, which recently had flamed up again on Boeing grounding issue, the European Union, a 28-nation bloc, said earlier this week that the EU Commission was prepared to launch negotiations with United States in order to slash duties on industrial goods, however, it had yet to disclose a detailed plan on how the bloc would be marching ahead to new tit-for-tat trade conflict between two of the most dominant global powers.

On Wednesday (April 17th), transatlantic trade tensions enraged again, after Washington had said that they would be lifting a ban on US citizens filing lawsuits against foreign companies operating in Cuba, which would more likely to target EU firms.

In point of fact, the two sides had been engaged in a rattling battle for almost fifteen years at the WTO (World Trade Organization) over subsidies given to European planemaker Airbus and US aircraft carrier maker Boeing Co.