Iran says ready for US waivers, as Tehran threatens to shut Hormuz

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Iran says ready for US waivers, as Tehran threatens to shut Hormuz

On Monday, the 22nd of April 2019, an Iranian oil ministry spokesman said that Tehran was prepared for the Trump Administration to end waivers granted to the buyers of Iranian crude, while their Revolutionary Guards were expected to close the strategic Strait of Hormuz, reported an Iranian Media.

On last November, after US President Donald Trump had decided to reimpose sanction on Tehran, Iranian Revolutionary Guards had repeatedly threatened to close the strategically critical strait of Hormuz, saying that if Iran would not be able to sell their crude, no other gulf countries could.

Recent quote from Iranian oil ministry came after the United States finally ends waivers for Iranian crude for six potential buyers across the world including India and China. However, followed by reveal of US sanction on Tehran, which would be effective by May 1st, the semi-official Tasnim News Agency of Tehran had been quoted saying that the United States would not be able to slash Iranian oil exports to zero, given its strategical advantage over the strait of Hormuz.

In point of fact, the Strait of Hormuz is a marine passageway, the only sea passage from Iranian gulf to the open ocean and one of the world’s most strategically significant choke point. According to the international law, Iran had every right to block the passage of Hormuz, given its territorial holding over the island of Hormuz, said the Revolutionary guards of Tehran, and the recent shoulder-to-shoulder clash of quotes following an entire ban of Iranian crude, could likely to prod catastrophic incidents over the dominance of Strait of Hormuz, likes of which observed during 2008-2011, US-Iran tension, over the 21 mile-wide sea-channel transiting 35 percent of global crude oil.