US-China trade talk going well, says Trump

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US-China trade talk going well, says Trump

On Wednesday, the 24th of April 2019, the US President Donald Trump had again expressed optimism over the Sino-US trade talk, saying that the ongoing trade talks between China and United States had been going well, although some of his own Democratic senators had expressed concerns earlier this month over reaching a decipherable trade deal in a near-term outlook.

If truth is to be told, Trump’s tout over the past couple of months regarding Sino-US trade talk had accomplished nothing but spreading confusions over the global markets and analysts were quoted saying that it might not have been anything different this time as well, as neither White House delegates, Nor Beijing had offered any details over the trade talk since the wrap-up of last face-to-face trade talk earlier this month.

On Wednesday (April 24th), before heading towards for an event in Florida, Trump said to the reporters at the White House, “We’re doing well on trade, we’re doing well with China,” although delegates had yet to finalize critical issues such as a financial policy reform of China including Intellectual property transfer and independence of US firms conducting business on China.

In point of fact, as of now, Chinese team of delegates, led by Premiere Liu He, had only agreed to purchase more US goods including a large sum of agricultural product, and there had not been any notable progress since Trump had delayed a March 1st deadline for added tariffs on Chinese goods.

The next round of Sino-US trade talks has been scheduled to begin by April 30th in Beijing, and it would likely to be followed by another set of discussion in Washington, slated to begin by May 8th, although it remains unclear whether the two nations could hammer out a deal by the end of May to conclude their nine-month-long tariff war which had already evaporated billions of dollars and contributed to an eclipse, casting caustic shadows across the global financial markets.