Criticism on IP protection lacks evidence, says China amid trade talk

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Criticism on IP protection lacks evidence, says China amid trade talk

On Sunday, the 28th of April 2019, the head of China’s National Intellectual Property Administrator, Shen Changyu said that the overwhelming criticisms on China’s intellectual property protection policy lacked evidence and misuse of IP infringement had always been a worldwide problem, fanning the flames of Sino-US trade abrasion further amid an ongoing trade talk via phone calls between top level delegates of Unites States and China.

While answering a question over IP protection concerns raised by countries likes of United States, at a press conference, the Chief of Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration, Shen Changyu had been quoted saying that the critics of intellectual property protection had kept ignoring the significant progress made by China on IP protection.

Adding that some countries’ allegation on China’s IP protection policies lacked evidence, Shen said, “Some countries’ criticisms of China’s IP protection lack evidence and are non-specific”.

In point of fact, IP protection had been a scorching issue of an ongoing Sino-US trade talk, where China would likely to take further invasive action this year to bolster its IP protection, said Shen. Besides, Shen had also added that the measures might include an amendment of Chinese IP laws to increase costs for infringement alongside proffering low-cost and convenient IP protection channels, while boosting the efficiency on an IP approval.