As Trump’s tariff looms, China urges US to find a middleground

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As Trump’s tariff looms, China urges US to find a middleground

On Thursday, the 9th of May 2019, Chinese Commerce Ministry Spokesman, Gao Feng had called US to strike a balance to salvage something from what appeared to be left of the trade negotiations after Trump had hiked tariff on last Friday (May 3rd) and repeatedly threatened China over his Sunday’s (May 5th) and Monday’s (May 6th) tweet.

Until last weekend, the two sides appeared to be leaning towards a deal with US Treasury’s Mnuchin had commented on last Sunday (May 5th) that a trade deal was much likely between next weekend. Nevertheless, the backdrop of the negotiation lost much of its shine, after Trump had announced to hike tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports on next Friday, May 10th, GMT.

04.00, if a trade deal had not been reached by then. Besides, a flurry of trade-talk headlines had accused China of backtracking their deal and editing critical parts of its previously reached accord on the “memorandum of understanding”.

However, adding that China has always been keeping its promises, Commerce Ministry Spokesman, Gao Feng said, “The U.S. side has given many labels recently, ‘backtracking’, ‘betraying’ etc. China sets great store on trustworthiness and keeps its promises, and this has never changed”.

Latest repercussion of the Chinese Commerce Ministry came forth after, Trump had told at a Florida rally yesterday (May 8th) that the Chinese had “broken the deal”.