Trump phases up tariff threat after talks show little progress

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Trump phases up tariff threat after talks show little progress

On Saturday, the 11th of May 2019, the US President Donald Trump had hacked up the trade tensions further over his tweet, saying that the United States would be manufacturing its own goods just like the “good old US”.

Latest string of climactic comments from the US President came forth, after he had ordered his trade chief on Friday (May 10th) to begin paperwork for imposing tariffs on all remaining imports from China worth of $325 billion, underlining a lack of progress made by Chinese and US negotiators after months of trade discussions to conclude a tit-for-tat trade war that had brutally toiled billions from both of the countries and dramatically forced thousands of US farmers to leave their generations of farming business in light of halted Chinese exports of US agriculture products.

Apart from that, at a statement aired on Saturday (May 10th), the US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer had been quoted saying that the latest move of US President would subject to $300 billion worth of Chinese imports as retaliatory tariffs.

Following enforcement of a tariff hike on Chinese imports amid a Sino-US trade negotiation, where China was labelled as a betrayer, backtracker, traitor and many more, US President Trump said, “In the meantime, the United States has imposed Tariffs on China, which may or may not be removed depending on what happens with respect to future negotiations!”