Hit US-Agriculture base if trade spat worsens, says Mexican Farm Lobby

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Hit US-Agriculture base if trade spat worsens, says Mexican Farm Lobby

On Friday, the 31st of May 2019, head of Mexico’s main farm lobby, Bosco de la Vega said that the Mexican government should aim at United States’ agricultural sector, which accounted for a large segment of Donald Trump’s vote bank, if the surprise trade-spat between neighboring countries worsened further, signaling an escalation of US-Mexico trade spat architected by US President Donald Trump to cripple heavily US-export based Mexican economy.

Besides, following Trump’s Thursday’s (May 30th) tariff threat on all imports of Mexican goods scheduled to take effect by June 10th, head of Mexican National Farm Council (CAN) had also said to the reporters that such retaliatory measures should only be contemplated as an eleventh-hour effort, and he had entirely been supporting Mexican Government’s latest approach to seek a resolution of the dispute through negotiations.

Apart from that, the CNA head had also criticized the US President, saying that Trump’s threat to put punitive across-the-border tariffs on Mexican exports had been an “unjustified mistreatment” to the nation and any retaliatory action would result in a maximum political pain to US leader.

Signaling that Mexico would hit US agriculture goods, if the trade conflict escalated further to reach 25 percent maximum tariff on Mexican exports, CNA head said later on Friday (May 31st), “In the unlikely event that (the U.S.

tariffs are enacted), we will be supporting the government in surgically implementing tariffs aimed at farm products in Republican states”.