US begins to collect 25% levies on Chinese goods arriving by sea

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US begins to collect 25% levies on Chinese goods arriving by sea

On Saturday, the 1st of June 2019, a number of seaports of United States had begun to collect a higher 25 percent duty on Chinese goods arriving by sea, intensifying the trade-spat between the world’s first- and second- largest economies further, which had been drawing wide-ranging retaliatory measures from Beijing including a 25 percent tariff on almost all US imports worth of $60 billion and a hit-list aimed at foreign companies, individuals and corporates, in particular companies based-on United States.

None the less, on May 10th, US President Donald Trump had imposed a higher 25 percent levies on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports, but added an exception for the sea-borne cargoes that departed China before that date, exempted them of the tariff hike.

Later, on May 15th, the office of US Trade Representative had set off a Federal Register notice, setting a June 1st deadline for the Chinese goods arriving by sea, after which the US Border protection and Customs would begin to collect a higher duty of 25 percent on some 5.140 types of Chinese goods including electronics, furniture, households etc.

As a matter of fact, that deadline had expired on Saturday (June 1st) by GMT. 16.01. and US customs had started off collecting higher tariffs on Chinese goods arriving by sea. Never the less, following United States’ tariff hike and a Huawei blacklisting to prevent it from purchasing supplies from US companies amid an ongoing trade negotiation, Beijing had begun to tune a more strident tone and created a list of foreign corporates operating in Beijing, which it would likely to hit in a near-term outlook with sanctions and blockage of trade privileges, analysts suggested.