Donald Trump says new trade agreement will favour United States

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Donald Trump says new trade agreement will favour United States

On Saturday, 29th June, during their meeting at the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agreed to resume the bilateral trade relationship between the United States and China. On Monday, 1st July, Trump said that any potential trade deal between the two countries would have to lean in favour of the United States.

Trump said, "(The American and Chinese negotiators are) speaking very much on phone but they are also meeting. It (resuming of trade talks) essentially has already begun. I think we have a good chance of making a deal."

However, Trump added that since the previous trade agreements between the countries had favoured China specifically, going forward it would not be the same. He noted, "So, obviously, you can’t make a 50-50 deal.

It has to be a deal that is somewhat tilted to our advantage." Following the productive talks between China and the United States, the international business scenario has also stabilised. Global stock indices have also risen on the prospect of no further worsening of business ties between the two economic super-powers of the world.

However, these remarks of Trump are sure to meet with certain retaliation from China, who will not be keen to lose its ground in the ongoing negotiations.