US-China trade talk to restart next week, says White House's Kudlow

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US-China trade talk to restart next week, says White House's Kudlow

On Wednesday, the 3rd of July, officials of White House said that the top trade negotiators of Washington and Beijing had been preparing for a reopening of a trade talk as early as by next week in order to reach a trade deal despite their deep differences.

Adding that the negotiators of China and United States had been in contact, White House’s economic adviser, Larry Kudlow said to the reporters in a press briefing on Wednesday (July 3rd), “Those talks will continue in earnest this coming week”.

Followed by the announcement of White House’s Kudlow, an official of US Trade Representative’s office had been quoted saying later that the two sides would begin with a principal-level phone call next week, which would be followed by a face-to-face trade talk.

In point of fact, the financial markets would likely to cheer over the announcement and Wall St. would likely to extend gains after posting a new all-time-high closure on the eve of US Independence Day holidays. Although, the two sides had been in contact by telephone since a trade truce was reached last week in the Japanese city of Osaka after eighty minutes of tentative talks between Trump and Xi, White House’s Kudlow declined to mention an exact time-frame for relaunching next round of face-to-face trade talk.