Germany expects Georgieva to become IMF head, Russia pledges support

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Germany expects Georgieva to become IMF head, Russia pledges support

On Monday, the 5th of August 2019, a spokeswoman for the German Finance Ministry said that a majority of German lawmakers including the country’s Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed sheer optimism over the recent past that Bulgaria’s Kristalina Georgieva, euro zone’s candidate to lead the International Monetary Fund, a sister organization of World Bank, engaged to foster global monetary cooperation, would become the next Chairman of IMF, while pledging support to euro zone’s candidate, Kremlin had been quoted saying on Monday (August 5th) that Kristina is an experienced and brilliant diplomat.

In point of fact, Monday’s comment on euro zone’s candidate to head the IMF came after the governments of European Union had picked out Georgieva, 65, as the bloc’s candidate to Chair International Monetary Fund on Friday (August 2nd) after twelve hours of tentative talks.

However, the bloc’s high-profile candidate Georgieva, who grew up at a small village in Bulgaria under communism, served seven years in Brussels as EU Commissioner for international cooperation before climbing into the World Bank to become a chief executive back in 2017s.

Meanwhile, pledging supports to bloc’s IMF candidate, Georgieva, Kremlin stated on Monday (August 5th), “Georgieva is a brilliant diplomat, a fully trained economist, a competent and highly professional financier.

In a situation of growing protectionism in the global economy, her experience in solving problems of development will be more useful than ever. ”