Britain’s new leader Johnson eyes funds to ease post-Brexit casualties

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Britain’s new leader Johnson eyes funds to ease post-Brexit casualties

Amid a chaotic Brexit debates among UK policymakers which would more unlikely to find a way around to avert a calamitous no-deal Brexit, since EU Commission had rejected US-borne Britain’s new leader, Boris Johnson’s latest bid to reopen the pandora’s box of Brexit referendum, Boris, a head-Brexiteer, had been working out on plans to raise a bailout fund aimed at ramping up businesses over the narratives of a likely no-deal Brexit, a report from the British daily, ‘The Times’, published on Friday, the 9th of August 2019, had unveiled.

According to Friday’s (August 9th) ‘The Times’ report, British finance ministry had been drawing up a covert list of large British employers more prone to a collapse following a no-deal Brexit, while manufacturing alongside construction businesses were likely to stomach the heaviest battering.

Apart from that, the newspaper report had added that the UK policymakers responsible for overseeing the detail of Britain’s divorce from European Union, had been looking to raise a monetary package to help businesses, which would be more vulnerable to a no-deal Brexit, citing quotes of Michael Gove, the government minister for a “no-deal Brexit”.

Further inside the bid, Boris Johnson’s Brexit workforce was expected to meet as early as this weekend to discuss about the secret bailout project, dubbed as “Operation Kingfisher”, while a formal announcement would be made earlier next week, British daily ‘The Times’ reported on Friday (August 9th).