Mexican Banks report failures in processing card payments

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Mexican Banks report failures in processing card payments

On Saturday, the 10th of August 2019, a fistful of Mexican lenders revealed that they had been experiencing a rough ride while processing payments from credit & debit cards, meanwhile adding further disgusts among the consumers, some shopping malls in the capital city of Mexico had informed their consumers that they would no longer accept payments through credit or debit cards until the problems were solved.

In point of fact, three large lenders, Banorte, HSBC alongside Santander, had been quoted saying at their twitter accounts on Saturday (August 10th) following reveal of complications in processing card payments that the problem had been with the companies, which were processing the card payments, and the card payment processing companies were looking to find a solution.

Nonetheless, it had not been immediately clear whether card issuers of Banorte, HSBC and Santander were experiencing the problem, but twitter users outside the Mexico City had also reported the same problems, suggesting that there could have been a countrywide outage on card payment processing.

Further into the bargain, the failure comes ahead at such a time when the Administration of Mexican far-right president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had been prodding Mexican citizens to use credit or debit cards instead cash in order to stamp out an increase in financial inclusion alongside dirty moneys.