Despite initial bonanza, Swiss Stock exchange seeks to resolve EU spat

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Despite initial bonanza, Swiss Stock exchange seeks to resolve EU spat

On Sunday, the 11th of August 2019, in context of a contemptuous outlook lurking over Swiss Stocks following a EU sanction on July 1st aimed at barring Swiss stock exchange-listed shares’ access to other euro zone markets, Chief Executive of Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX), Jos Dijsselhof had told that Switzerland-listed shares’ access to European Union must be restored, if Swiss stocks were to remain lucrative.

In point of fact, Since July 1st, European Union and Swiss Stock Exchange had lost direct access to each other’s stock markets, as the two sides were engaged in a garrulous debate over a partnership treaty which halted earlier on Q2, 2019, after years of tentative boardroom meets.

Although, there had been a splashing windfall followed by an end of mutual recognition of Swiss Stock market-listed shares on eurozone markets, while trading volumes were surging to their highest in years, yet amid a heightening trade rows among leaders of both G7 alongside G20 nations, SIX CEO, Jos Dijsselhof had been quoted saying in an interview with a German Newspaper, NZZ am Sonntag, that, the benefits would not last forever.

On top of that, adding that fortune of Swiss Stocks was almost entirely hooked on its access to other stock exchanges including EU, Dijsselhof said on Sunday (August 11th), “To ensure that Swiss stocks remain attractive in the long term it is important that these can be traded on various stock exchanges, including in the EU.

” Further into the bargains, Swiss stock exchange went through a sweeping plunge of 2.70 percent or 217 points to 9,748.92 after its shares had lost privilege to access into EU markets after falling as much as 4.70 per cent last week.