White House adviser Bolton to urge tougher UK stance on China and Iran

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White House adviser Bolton to urge tougher UK stance on China and Iran

Amid a perilous display of draining hundreds of thousands of dollars from the global money markets every day, what analysts had been calling as an aftereffect of Trump’s China tariff hike, national security adviser of US President Donald Trump, John Bolton arrived in the United Kingdom on Sunday, the 11th of August 2019, while his latest visit to Britain was aimed at provoking the Brexit-hit British lawmakers to toughen up their stance on Iran alongside China’s tech conglomerate, Huawei technologies.

In point of fact, since United Kingdom appears to be bracing for its biggest geo-political drift since a post-World War II Breton Wood’s meet of finance minister of Central European nations, in which the finance ministers had agreed to ditch out an anti-capitalist economic policy, many diplomats alongside lawmakers were expecting a castrated UK heavily reliant on US imports including farm goods despite soaring UK inventories.

Further insider the bid, if UK lawmakers failed to prevent Britain’s divorce from the EU by October 31st without a deal, UK would likely to depend heavily on US exports, which in effect would heighten consumer goods’ expenses in Britain alongside critical supplies such as foods and medicines, analysts suggested.

Since US had already pledged to a mass-scale investment on UK following a Brexit, Bolton’s two-day visit in the United Kingdom would be focusing more on overhauling a tie-up between the world’s first- and fifth-largest economy, which was broken into pieces during former British PM Theresa May’s reign.

While United Kingdom’s financial sovereignty would likely to be threatened by the United Sates under ruling of US-borne UK’s new leader Boris Johnson after a no-deal or a Canada-plus type Brexit agreement, Bolton is expected to force Britain to follow United States’ policy on Tehran issue alongside China’s Huawei Technologies, suggested analysts.