No-deal Brexit on agenda in Boris Johnson's first overseas visit

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No-deal Brexit on agenda in Boris Johnson's first overseas visit

Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister, is going to have his first official outing internationally in the coming week. Johnson will be separately meeting the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on 21st August and French President Emmanuel Macron on 22nd August.

Neither of these two meetings will have a discussion about Brexit, according to the BBC. However, Johnson is expected to tell the European Union officials during his meeting with them in the same trip that a new deal should be put in place in lieu of that agreed upon by his predecessor Theresa May but which had been rejected thrice by other Members of Parliament.

Johnson has been keen on exiting the EU on the new deadline of 31st October, regardless of whether a deal is put in place or not. Even as Johnson is insisting on his stand, the opposition leader, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn reiterated his statement that he be installed as the caretaker prime minister so that Great Britain did not exit EU without a deal.

In an interview with the Observer, Corbyn said, “We have to seize the opportunity before it's too late, so the people, rather than an unelected prime minister, can decide our country's future”. Corbyn also said that he would ask for a snap election and another referendum in order to prevent Brexit sans a deal. However, Corbyn’s statements did not get any traction with MPs mooting them.