Italy’s Conte makes an angry exit, denounces Salvini for sinking govt.

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Italy’s Conte makes an angry exit, denounces Salvini for sinking govt.

On Tuesday, the 20th of August 2019, Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, resigned after launching a bundle of bombshell attacks on his interior minister, Matteo Salvini, accusing him of drowning the government by withdrawing his support on Italy’s ruling coalition and endangering the Italian economy for his personal gain.

While addressing in the Italian parliament on Tuesday (August 20th), which was recalled from a summer break to determine the fate of 14-month-old government, followed by his resignation, Conte had also added that the far-right League party head Salvini had been trying to capitalize his growing popularity, though latest break off of Italian parliament would likely to make Salvini’s position vulnerable at a re-election scenario, suggested several analysts.

In point of fact, Conte’s resignation came after Salvini had announced on August 8th that his alliance with the 5-Start Movement had hit a dead-end and called for an election, however, Salvini’s gamble could prove to be a boomerang, as lawmakers and politicians from 5-Star and center-left Democratic party had been in talks over forming a new coalition to provide Italy a more centrist government, which eventually would push Salvini’s far-right League Party into the opposition.

Meanwhile, describing Salvini’s actions reckless, Conte said on Tuesday (August 20th) to a packed senate followed by his resignation with stone-faced Salvini sitting beside him, “The interior minister has shown that he is following his own interests and those of his party.

His decisions pose serious risks for this country. (Salvini) would be held liable to tip the country into a spiral of political uncertainty and financial instability. ”