German economy minister plans a European Cloud service “Gaia-X”

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German economy minister plans a European Cloud service “Gaia-X”

On Friday, the 23rd of August 2019, Federal Minister of Economics of Germany, the fourth-largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and the fifth-largest by purchasing power parity, Peter Altmaier said that Berlin had been working out a plan to architect Europe's own cloud service, called as “Gaia-X”.

Aside from the speech of German Economy Minister, confirming Altmaier’s vision on creating a European cloud network, a spokeswoman for the Department of Economy had been quoted saying on Friday (August 23rd) in Berlin, “Data is a key resource of the future,” adding German alongside other European Companies were urging for a high-security data infrastructure which would be capitalized solely for the welfare of European businesses.

Besides, the spokeswoman had also added on Friday (August 23rd) that the final talks to launch a European cloud service, “Gaia-X” would be held with the participating European companies as early as next week.

Nonetheless, followed by reveal of German Economy Ministry’s ambitious plan to develop a high-security data infrastructure solely dedicated to EU businesses, several analysts were quoted saying on Saturday (August 24th) that the Federal Government of Germany was seeking a way to play a pivotal role in data usage and artificial intelligence, but it remained still unclear whether “Gaia-X” would be a state-controlled entity or an independent foundation dedicated to “European data infrastructure”.