Trump sees possible EU-US trade deal that could avert auto tariffs

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Trump sees possible EU-US trade deal that could avert auto tariffs

On Monday, the 26th of August 2019, adding a more conciliatory note, US President Donald Trump said that Washington could still be able to stamp a fair-trade treaty with EU Commission without inclining additional levies on car imports, suggesting a lifeline for struggling automotive sectors across euro zone in particular in Germany.

Apart from that, at a news conference on Monday (August 26th) in Biarritz, at the end of latest G7 summit in France, US President Donald Trump had been quoted saying that it had always been difficult to negotiate with the EU Commission over trade issue, but stroked a more affirmative tone towards reaching a broad trade accord with Brussels.

Concomitantly, adding that the EU commission didn’t want to ploy tariff as a weapon, Trump being cautiously optimism said on Monday’s (August 26th) press conference, “We’re very close to maybe making a deal with the EU because they don’t want tariffs.

I think we’re going to make a deal with the EU without having to go that route. ” More critically, latest upbeat comments of US President Donald Trump came shortly after economic data had revealed that the largest economy in euro zone, export-oriented Germany, had been wrangling with a recession.