US & China agree to resume trade talk in September amid tariff hike: Trump

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US & China agree to resume trade talk in September amid tariff hike: Trump

On Friday, the 30th of August 2019, rekindling hopes of a trade deal with China, US President Donald Trump said that the trade negotiators of Washington and Beijing would continue to talk to wipe out their deep differences, however, a tariff hike on Chinese imports worth of $125 billion scheduled to take place by Sunday, September 1st, would not be delayed.

Apart from that, the US President Donald Trump, whose comments used to sway between expressing optimism about a trade deal on US term and a chorus of criticism aimed at China over its economic policy had also added on Friday (August 30th) that growing protest in China-controlled Hong Kong had pushed Beijing further down to a narrow cliff to ink a trade deal on United States’ terms.

Although, White House had yet to announce a formal date for another round of face-to-face trade talk, adding that the United States would win in the China trade warfare, US President Donald Trump said to reporters later on Friday (August 30th), “We’re going to win the fight.

We’re having conversations with China, meetings are scheduled, calls are being made. I guess the meeting in September continues to be on, it hasn’t been cancelled. ” Nonetheless, while being asked about the additional duties imposed on $125 billion worth of Chinese imports, Trump said to the reporters on Friday (August 30th), “They’re on.

” Meanwhile, United States’ customs’ authority has been all-set to begin collecting an additional 15 per cent levies on an estimated $125 billion worth of Chinese import from Sunday (September 1st), GMT. 04.01.