China files tariff case at WTO against United States

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China files tariff case at WTO against United States

On Monday, the 2nd of September 2019, fanning the flames of a tormenting trade war further, China had lodged a complaint against the US at the WTO (World Trade Organization), charging the world’s No. 1 economy of unfair trade practices including additional import duties which breached a consensus reached between United States' Trump and China's Xi at the Japanese city of Osaka, the Chinese Commerce Department had told in a statement on Monday (September 2nd).

In point of fact, latest escalation of an excruciating Sino-US trade came into being a day after both Washington and Beijing had imposed an additional duty on each other’s goods from September 1st, adding further glooms over their trade relationship, Although, Beijing did not disclose the detail of its tariff case against United States, but added that it involved a tariff hike on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports.

On top of that, the Chinese Commerce Ministry told in its Monday’s (Sept. 2nd) statement that the latest tariff action of the United States had breached the consensus reached between the leaders of Washington and Beijing in a meet in the Japanese city of Osaka, adding that China pledged to fend off its legal rights in accordance with the legislations of WTO.

As a response, adding that the tariffs were inclined as a punitive measure against China for their thefts of intellectual property which should not be a subject to WTO case, White House said in a statement on Monday (Sept.

2nd), “China has taken the unilateral decision to adopt aggressive industrial policy measures to steal or otherwise unfairly acquire the technology of its trading partners; the United States has adopted tariff measures to try to obtain the elimination of China’s unfair and distortive technology-transfer policies. ”