Ukraine President plans land reform, mass-scale privatization

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Ukraine President plans land reform, mass-scale privatization
Ukraine President plans land reform, mass-scale privatization

On Monday, the 2nd of September 2019, Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy ordered his new government at a televised meeting with newly appointed Ukrainian PM Oleksiy Honcharuk sitting beside him to submit a draft legislation aimed at brewing a broad-based land market reform as early as by next month and to make arrangement of a havoc-scale privatization of the state companies by April next year.

In point of fact, the Ukrainian President, Zelenskiy had long been yearning to lift a ban on the sale of firm lands, a high-stake move that Zelenskiy’s far-right supporters had been calling as a tantalizing opportunity for large-scale investments in one of the world’s largest grain exporting countries.

Although, the eastern European country was flooded with aid packages since the Maiden protests in 2014 alongside a direct military confrontation with neighbouring Russia that resulted in an annexation of Crimea, Ukrainian President, dubbed as the meretricious Zelenskiy even inside his cabinet, had been pushing harder to make the nation more lucrative to its Western allies.

Nonetheless, expressing sheer optimism over his broad-based overhaul plan for the nation’s economy, speaking at a televised meet, Zelenskiy said on Monday (Sept. 2nd), “(I) want parliament to adopt a law on the agricultural land market and lift the moratorium on the sale of land by Dec.

1, 2019. Now we have a unique situation, a unique chance to carry out all necessary reforms. We have everything for this: the political will of the president, the majority in the Verkhovna Rada (parliament), the government and the prime minister ready to work.

” Zelenskiy’s People Party won a July parliamentary election 254 to 196, remarking the first time a ruling President’s party had triumphed in an election with an absolute majority to take over the office in Kiev.


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