Opponents of no-deal Brexit defeat Johnson, UK braces for snap election

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Opponents of no-deal Brexit defeat Johnson, UK braces for snap election

Later on, Tuesday, the 3rd of September 2019, UK lawmakers of opposition Labour Party alongside rebels of Conservative defeated Britain’s new leader Boris Johnson alongside his supporters of a no-deal Brexit by 328 to 301 after Johnson had threatened UK lawmakers either to support him in a Brexit with or without deal by October 31st or to face a general election.

In point of fact, Tuesday’s (Sept. 3rd) remarkable triumph of opposition Labours alongside Conservative rebels had prompted Boris to push for an immediate snap election, while if Boris could retain his majority in UK House of Common on Tuesday’s (Sept.

3rd), Britain might have faced off its worst geo-political downturn since World War II. Nonetheless, Tuesday’s (Sept. 3rd) triumph had just been the first obstacle to avert a no-deal Brexit, though it had enabled them to take control of UK Parliament.

However, although it has been more than three years since UK had voted 52% to 48% for a referendum to leave the bloc after 46 years of wears and tears altogether, but, Tuesday’s (Sept. 3rd) defeat of the hard-Brexiteers had been a major turn of event with possible outcomes ranging from a Brexit on former PM Theresa May’s referendum to abandoning the whole venture to leave the bloc.

Meanwhile, the no-deal Brexit oppositions, controlling Britain’s House of Common for the moment being, would try to pass a bill on Wednesday (Sept. 4th) to force Johnson to ask EU to delay the Brexit deadline for the third time until January 31st, unless a Brexit deal has been passed in the Britain’s House of Commons beforehand.