US bipartisan lawmakers urge Google to expand copyright protection

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US bipartisan lawmakers urge Google to expand copyright protection

On Wednesday, the 4th of September 2019, a bipartisan group of US lawmakers including both Republicans and Democrats asked Google CEO Sundar Pichai to capitalize its technology to prevent copyright violation to smaller creators who had been at greater odds on recent Google terms.

Aside from that, the sagacious group of US Senators alongside representatives said in a letter to Alphabet Inc.-owned Google LLC. CEO Sundar Pichai that people or businesses with smaller catalogue of portfolio had been facing off a substantial scale of disadvantage without Google’s “Content ID” technology, meanwhile the smaller copyright holders had to manually track down copyright violations of their intellectual properties, which seemed to be almost impossible without using Google’s technology.

On Wednesday’s (Sept. 4th) stamen, a Republican senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee had been quoted saying intellectual property creators likes of songwriters and musician, who had been streaming their contents in YouTube remained more vulnerable to the risk of infringement.

Meanwhile, in order to even out the odds for smaller content producers, lawmakers had asked Google CEO on Wednesday (Sept. 4th) whether the search engine titan had been weighing a plan to allow access to its “Content ID” technology to more creators on its YouTube media streaming platform.

Apart from that, the group of bipartisan lawmakers had also asked Google LLC. to send representatives to answer the questions in front of a congressional panel, while Google did not immediately respond while being asked about the subject-matter.