US, China’s trade deputies to meet on Friday, says US Chamber CEO

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US, China’s trade deputies to meet on Friday, says US Chamber CEO

On Monday morning (September 16th), Tom Donohue, the Chief Executive of US Chamber of Commerce, which conventionally supports Republican political candidates such as current US President Donald Trump and loyalties of which were always questioned in times of critical trade turmoil such as this, said that the deputy trade negotiators of United States and China were expected to meet by next Friday (September 20th) in a bid to streamline a pathway to an interim trade deal on October’s high-stake trade talk between trade negotiators of the trade-war-struck nations as reported last week by a Bloomberg report.

Meanwhile, latest comment from the CEO of US Chamber of Commerce, Donohue came forth shortly after a meet between him and US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. On top of that, while speaking at a press conference aimed at seeking a quicker congressional ratification of the new NAFTA or USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement) deal, Donohue said on Monday (September 16th), “Lighthizer did indicate that there was some movement in the direction of purchasing of (U.S.) agricultural products and other issues”.

Further inside the bid, Chinese and US Government had indicated earlier this month that there would have been a deputy-level trade talk by mid-September in order to smoothen up a Sino-US trade deal as early as by next month, nonetheless, Wall St.

analysts remained still sceptical over possibilities of a near-term resolution of a Sino-US trade deal amid further clouding of geo-political backdrop and rising tension in the Middle East, which had already hinted risks of a full-fledged US-Iran war.