Brexit deal possible; Irish backstop could be replaced, says EU’s Junker

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Brexit deal possible; Irish backstop could be replaced, says EU’s Junker

On Thursday, the 19th of September 2019, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker said a Brexit deal could be inked as British government’s urge to suspend Irish border backstop might be replaced with notable alternatives.

Besides, in an interview with the Sky News aired on Thursday (September 19th), Junker had been quoted saying “I think we can have a deal. ” Nonetheless, the President of European Union Commission, Jean-Claude Junker had also expressed sheer uncertainty over possibility of a Brexit in a near-term outlook saying that he did not know whether possibilities of a deal were more than 50-50.

Meanwhile, Junker had also reiterated that the United Kingdom would not have any special attachment to Irish backstop, which meant that a window to resolve border disputes between Ireland and Northern Ireland would still remain wide open after a Brexit.

Besides, Junker had also commented if UK lawmakers had not been haggling on Irish backstop to stall a Brexit as long as they could, a Brexit deal could be possible, while the EU Commission chief also added on Thursday’s’ (September 19th) interview with Sky News, “As far as the so-called alternative arrangements are concerned, allowing us and Britain to achieve the main objectives of the backstop ...

if the results are there, I don’t care about the instrument. If the objectives are met, all of them, then we don’t need the backstop”.